Recycled metal as a raw material

Recycled metal can be used in multiple ways, and our raw materials satisfy various different industrial needs.


Copper has high electrical conductivity, and it does not react with water or oxygen. Copper is used to produce plates, strips, pipes, wire or shapes. 

Our products

  •     Granulates
  •     Cables
  •     All copper categories
  •     All brass categories
  •     All bronze categories

Aluminum circulates efficiently in different production chains and is therefore perfectly suited for recycling. Aluminum is a very light metal that has high electrical conductivity.  

Our products

  • Granulates
  • Pure aluminum
  • Aluminum alloys
  • Cables

Iron is used to produce steel for, among other things, car parts, industrial needs and different structural reinforcements.  

Our products

  • Steel scrap HMS 1&2 (80:20 mix)
  • Turnings
  • P&S
  • Cast iron
  • New Production
Stainless steel

Stainless steel contains at least 10% chromium and, due to its high corrosion resistance, it is well suited for challenging sites to withstand stress and the surrounding pressure.


  • Nickel-based raw materials
  • Acid-resistant products
  • SS304
  • SS316
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Recycled metal

It is possible to utilise nearly all the unnecessary metal collected by us to produce new metal raw material. The most common raw materials that we sell include granules, copper, aluminum and brass.

Metal can circulate forever

For us, your waste is raw material that will change the world. Refining metal from ore consumes more than twice as much energy as producing metal from recycled raw material.

Metal can circulate forever

We want to make sure that metal that has been used once will remain in use instead of being wasted. Zero-waste circular economy that saves natural resources will not implement itself, but requires actions. Raw materials continue their journey from our home town Ikaalinen to be reused or further processed in Finland or around the world. Once the metal product in Finland becomes again unnecessary, we will collect and sort it – metal can circulate forever. 

In principle, metal can be recycled infinitely by remelting. During our refining process, we separate metal fractions from each other and sort other waste, such as oil, plastic and batteries, separately. We have optimised our expertise, since we are always aiming at doing things better, more efficiently and responsibly. Once the metal fractions have been cleaned, crushed, melted and granulated, we will sell the raw material further.

of metal scrap generated in Finland is recycled

Producing metal through a recycling process consumes two times less energy than ore mining and, at the same time, saves natural resources. There is a growing demand for recycled metal around the world, and Finnish recycling expertise is appreciated. The more iron and steel scrap we can recycle, the fewer CO2 emissions we will produce. 

of steel produced in Finland is based on scrap


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